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Oniku Odeyemi, a warrior and hunter comes from Oyo Empire. Oniku is from Onikoyi clan. He comes to Idofin toward end of eighteen century and settle at Igbo-Ogun area in Idofin moba established by Abadofin Akinla from Otun Ekiti, the founder of Idofin kingdom, before the ravage of Yoruba civil war and Jihad war on Igbominas and Ekitis.

Oniku Adeyemi comes with Sango deity in association with Ogun, Osanyin and Ode. But during Jihad war the entire settlement of Idofin moba fled to mountain called Oke-Are, with some clans from Ogbolu occupy the eastern part of that mountain, and Idofin Ogbolu fled to Ojokolo, Ore mountain and Ilafe hill, for security reason.
After war, Oniku Odeyemi, brave warrior comes dwon from mountain Oke-Are and settle at a place called Igbana, where he serves as border controller (Agbana) for people coming from North and West. This Agbana later translated to Igbana that suffix Idofin existing as Idofin Igbana.
Igbana, tribal mark is three vertical stroke on both side of cheek (facial mark). His landed property was almost half of Idofin Igbana township toward the Northern part, also there was a stretch of land at Igbo-Erin toward western part where Odeyemi killed giant elephant, this land was swamped to Odeyemi by Moo clan of Idofin-Igbana base on agreement of exchange with borrowed money from Odeyemi by Moo clan. Base on this fact, the basic health centre of Idofin-Igbana was built on the part of this land, when the entire community seek the consent of Igbana on this parcel of land.
Oniku Odeyemi married about three wives; one from Awo clan (Nupe) in Idofin Ogbolu (Aiyekale), this wife born to him Elegbo Ayando, Gbadamosi and Fakayode.
Another wife born Isona, then Isona married three wives; one born Jimoh, another born Alekodarabiyawo, third born Agada. This Agada married at Ile-Olowu, she born onikoyi which married to Ehinafo and born Yetunde, which was later reside in her grand-mother place at Igbana.
Third wife born: Bale, Ogboye, Joke ija (mother of Gbedu), Onijoni (mother of Sunday Olaoye Abadofin). The most prominent among the descendant of Oniku Odeyemi was chief Elegbo Ayando (Eredo). He contributed a lot to the development of Idofin as a whole in terms of social trend and political development. He was a recognize chief which identify by emirs of Ilorin province, now Kwara state.
Social trend: he was the first person to roof his building with iron-sheet (corrugated sheet), followed by Adekola, Odofin Ilegose in Idofin-Igbana. Idofin-Odo-Ashe, Dada Jamu Ehinafo, Obanla-Aiyekale, Baba Egbe-Odo-Ago. He was the one who move the opinion of road construction from Idofin to Oko in 1949 and make Idofin accessible to neighbouring communities in Igbomina and Ekiti land. He was among people who introduce Egungun Elewe and Drums from Igbomina land.
Political Trend: during the crisis of Odofin chieftaincy title between Ilegose clan; some people support Aleriogun Adeoti, and some people support other, also a very civilize man, Adeoti from Iketa ward are contesting for Odofin, then the other side from Ilegose, not Aleriogun side impose Odofin on them. Elegbo Ayando intervened in support of installation of Ishola-Olowolagba from Igbo-Ogan (Igbon) quarter as Odofin, that was how the crises calm down.
?????????????????? He was the person assented to the building of customary court at Idofin-Odo-Aga over a dispute of where to build it. But there was rancour from some quarter, that alleged him of collecting one pounds and ten shillings bribe from Idofin-Odo-Ashe.
?????????????????? Religious beliefs: In the early time Igbana people belief in African traditions but in the period of Jihad, our people inclined to Islamic religion, this could be notice in their appellation like Jimoh, Shitu, Aminu, Kareem, Salami, Bakare, Salamatu and so on. But after our father give land to C.M.S Mission around 1925-1943 to build church, which is St. Paul Anglican Church, our people inclined to Christianity.
?????????????????? Former head of family of Igbana clan including chiefs

    • Oniku Odeyemi
    • Isona
    • Elegbo Ayando
    • Bale
    • Aminu
    • Gabriel Ajibola
    • Salami Ayan
    • Michael Ajibola
    • Akanbi Bale
    • Jacob Ishola
    • Pa shitu; Odofin of (Eredo) Idofin Igbana
    • Samuel Oluwarotimi Ajiboye: Obanla of Eredo Idofin Igbana
    • Aminu G. Sunday: Agbana of Igbana-Idofin Igbana

    In conclusion, as it said earlier, Oniku Odeyemi comes from Oyo Empire with Sango deity; A sango shrine in Idofin-Igbana, the arugba sango, the large figure with bowl is the principal sculpture found on sango shrine in Igbomina and Ekiti towns. This carving in the style of the workshops in Osi-Ilorin in Northern Ekiti (see figure 169) Nigeria National Museum archives Lagos. Idofin Igbana Nigeria 1961, photograph by P. Allison. In Yoruba history of 9th century of African Arts & Thoughts, relate Idofin-Igbana to Oyo empire.
    See f.g. 169 below.

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