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Tourism in Idofin Land

Omola water fall

This is a voluminous waterfall that is located along Osi, Idofin-Igbana road in Oke-Ero Local Government Area. It is best viewed during the rainy season. The atmosphere of the area is very cool and relaxing with a lot of refreshing breeze blowing there. During the dry season, there is an awesome collection of rock formation to be found in the area. The place is open to visitors all year round


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This is a summer rainfall area, with an annual rainfall range of 1000mm to 1 500mm. The months of December and January coincide with the cold and dry harmattan period. Average maximum temperatures vary between 300.C and 350.C.

Oke Are is an historic hill of Idofin, Home of Generalissimos; such as Elegbo; Eredo, Iketa,Ebido, Igbon and Odo Aga, Also a Warrior Odeyemi Oniku (Agbana). This Hill was highly defensive site, with a shred rocks wall of about 3 feet height, is a synonymous of Oke Are hill at Ibadan, an historic hill where captain Bower has a rest house called Captain Bowers tower (Layipo) meaning Ibadan l'omo ' o'omo Layipo, Turning round of about 47 stair case of Bower's tower.


Okutagba rock

A massive rock formation with natural architectural design, capable of accommodating about 100 people at a time. It is a good site for picnic and monumental experience.



Omola water fall


Okutagba rock